Appster hosts its first 'Women in Tech' Disruptive Startups!

Appster hosts its first 'Women in Tech' Disruptive Startups!

A. Gascoigne, D. Bloch, A. Bradford, J. Gaffney

Come out on February 4th as Appster hosts its first “Women in Tech” Disruptive Startups! We are very excited to organize this event and welcome both men and women.

Joining us for the event are Adriana Gascoigne - CEO and Founder of Girls in Tech, Doreen Bloch - CEO of Poshly Inc., Amanda Bradford - CEO of The League, and Jessica Gaffney - CEO of Wavework.

Adriana founded Girls in Tech in 2007. Girls in Tech is a non-profit organization focused on the engagement and empowerment of women in technology and entrepreneurship. Since its founding, it has expanded 47 chapters internationally! Along with Girls in Tech, Adriana has also served executive roles and worked in various startup spaces.

Doreen co-founded Poshly Inc. in 2011. She is the recipient of L’Oreal’s NEXT Generation Women in Digital Award and an active member of the Young Entrepreneur Council. Her work is regularly featured in publications like the NYT, WSJ and Women 2.0.

Amanda founded The League in 2014, and since then, has raised over 2 million in funding. She was also featured in Business Insider!

Last year, Jessica founded Wavework - a live event networking application. She also has over 15 years of experience in the sports and entertainment industry, and is a mother of two!

All women are at various stages of entrepreneurship, and their experiences and industry knowledge will provide great insight into the startup lifecycle. Most importantly, they will explain what it takes to be a successful and empowered woman in technology. 

Similar to our last event, a **FREE Start-Up Ready Workshop worth $4,997 will be given away! There will also be a Q&A at the event, so bring all sorts of questions!

This is a FREE EVENT to attend and we hope to see you there. Be sure to invite your friends too so we may connect and build a more diverse technical community!

**Don’t forget to bring your business cards :)

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