Why Startups really fail. Building go-to Market Strategy with GrowthX

Why Startups really fail. Building go-to Market Strategy with GrowthX

Sean Sheppard

Join us on May 12th as Appster speaks with GrowthX Co-Founder Sean Sheppard.

GrowthX is a venture capital firm and leading market development accelerator. Their global network works to level the playing field so that any home-grown innovation may fuel economic growth.

GrowthX invests financial capital at the Seed-stage and intellectual capital throughout every stage of the funding cycle. They invest in all industries and sectors, but more importantly, focus on finding the right product-market fit that is Profitable, Predictable, and Scalable. They even insource their own experts to work alongside the founders at select companies to help build and execute a market development plan. 

So while other business accelerators help founding teams build prototypes and raise money, GrowthX focuses on marketing a product and making money.

A few topics that will be discussed...

- startup lifecycle

- product validation

- effective growth plans

- startup funding

- and more!

As always, there will be a Q&A towards the end of the event so bring lots of questions.

This is a FREE event to attend and **a FREE Startup Ready Workshop worth $4,997 will be given away :)

See you then and don't forget to bring your business cards!

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