Fantastic mentors and where to find them

Fantastic mentors and where to find them

Karen Lawson, Stefan Knight, Ben Sand

We are very excited to invite you to our upcoming event on November 9th featuring “Fantastic Mentors and where to find them”. Whether you're looking to hear from industry experts, get advisors for your own startup, or meet fellow aspiring entrepreneurs, we'd love to have you come out! Joining us for Disruptive Startups are…



Karen Lawson 
Chief Executive Officer, Slingshot

Karen Lawson is an award-winning business executive and leader in the digital industry. She has held executive positions within both global companies and joint ventures. With experience leading teams through change and motivating and developing cross-functional teams to peak performance, Karen is extremely passionate about delivering great results and helping others achieve their true potential.

In 2016, Karen took the reins of Slingshot, a corporate accelerator focused on driving collaboration between Startups, Scaleups, and corporates to lead the next wave of innovation. More than 50 Startups have participated in Slingshot’s programs, achieving a combined market capitalisation in excess of $60m and creating nearly 100 full-time jobs.

Prior to her role at Slingshot, Karen served as CEO of CareerOne, a joint venture between News Limited and Monster Worldwide. With a remit to forge a new digital strategy, Karen restructured the business from a traditional job board, into a leading targeting and digital business offering media, employer branding, SaaS, and sourcing solutions. CareerOne went on to be awarded a spot in the coveted BRW ‘Top 50 most innovative companies’ list for 2014.



Stefan Knight 
Tech Entrepreneur, Community Builder, Mentor, Investor

Stefan Knight immigrated to Sydney in 2012 from San Francisco where he was in tech startups 1994-2005 which raised more than $500M in venture capital.  One IPO'd with a valuation of $5B; another failed despite raising $280M, and a third resulted in a trade sale to Ericsson for more than $150M. Along the way, he was trained to mentor by ACETECH in Vancouver and has advised many startups with their business plans and fundraising.  He is now the Community and Networks Manager for muru-D where he looks after the programs investor relations, a network of mentors and community outreach.

Stefan has held roles in management, business development, product management, product marketing, systems engineering and software development. His background spans start-ups and public companies working in global markets devising and executing business development strategies and partnership ecosystems-networks. He is passionate about creativity, entrepreneurialism, mentoring and building the Australian ecosystem.



Ben Sand 
Coaching CEOs, Founding Tech Companies 

He is currently advising startups and working on new projects. 

Ben graduated Y Combinator in Summer 2013.

As co-founder and co-CEO of Meta, Ben helped build a holographic computer, raise $23M Series A, prepare for a $50M Series B, hire 70 great people and crowd fund $2M of pre-sales.

As co-founder and CEO of Brainworth, Ben assembled a team of 60 volunteers to build a novel education platform to teach artifiicial intelligence programming to children.

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