How Spaceship built a Waitlist of 12,000 People in 30 Days and Raised $1.6M

How Spaceship built a Waitlist of 12,000 People in 30 Days and Raised $1.6M

Paul Bennetts

Disruptive Startups 2017 will be interviewing Paul Bennetts, CEO of Spaceship.

Spaceship CEO, Paul Bennetts, started his career at Goldman Sachs and kept his head down as the GFC hit. He then became the Investment Manager for the $500m Tulla Family Office. For the past 2.5 years, Paul has been a Venture Partner at AirTree Ventures, a $250M Venture Fund. Today, he's building Spaceship. A place to invest your Super where the world is going.

Spaceship is a technology-focused Superannuation Fund offering a diversified portfolio with tech at its core, built for those with long investment horizons. Spaceship is looking to completely change the landscape of superannuation. We've seen technology immerse itself throughout society, but not our Super. Until now.

In the first few months of it’s launch, Spaceship has built a waiting list of 16,000 and attracted investment from some of the best-known figures in the tech space such as Mike Cannon-Brookes (co-founder of Atlassian, $5bn NASDAQ listed company) and Li ka-Shing (~$30bn net worth, early investor in Skype, Spotify andFacebook) to launch Spaceship early next year.

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