Meet Renaud Visage who raised over $200 million via Eventbrite

Meet Renaud Visage who raised over $200 million via Eventbrite

Renaud Visage

We're looking forward to welcoming Renaud Visage the co-founder and CTO of Eventbrite to our May Disruptive Startups Event. Eventbrite is one of the most successful event platform which helps organise more than 1M events a year in over 190 countries. Based in San Francisco, he is also an advisor and investor in many European startups. In 2012 Eventbrite launched it’s first of 2 apps, selling over 3 million tickets in their first year. Eventbrite has raised over $200 million in financing and growth capital, partnering with multiple funding firms.

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  • Melbourne

    William Angliss Institute - Level 5, 555 La Trobe Street

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  • Sydney

    The York Conference and Function Centre, 99 York Street, Sydney CBD

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